English Schools

New Zealand is a native English-speaking country, and a great place to learn the language. 

You can learn English to prepare for academic study, or take a general English course while exploring New Zealand.

Learning English with a New Zealand education provider will prepare you for your future career as a global citizen of the world. 

New Zealand Certificates in English Language (NZCEL) 

NZCEL qualifications (IELTS equivalent) are intended for learners of English as an additional language. These qualifications are pathway to the mainstream program in New Zealand such as Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree. Postgraduate Diploma, and Master’s Degree. Graduates of NZCEL may meet the English proficiency requirements to enrol in mainstream
programmes, as shown below

Progression from one NZCEL level to the next is illustrated below, NZCEL Progressions Mapped to CEFR and IELTS Levels. This helps inform placement into NZCEL programmes.

Working on a student visa (English language student)

The visa conditions will allow you to work part-time if you study full-time at least 14 consecutive weeks. and education provider must assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as a Category 1 provider.

English Language Schools

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